Computers, Printing, & other Services

We've got what you need to get things done!

Public computers, located on the main floor, are available with Internet access and office suite software (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation).

Log in with your library card. Sessions are one hour, and that time can be extended if no one is waiting. If you need a longer block of time, for instance, to take an online exam, just let us know in advance. If you do not have a library card, ask a staff member to log you in with a guest pass. You can print in B&W (15¢ per page) or color (30¢ per side). 

When you use a computer, you agree to abide by our Computer Use Policy. Content filters are not installed on any library computer.

WiFi is available inside and outside the building. There is no password. There is a B&W wireless printer on the main floor.

A photocopier and fax machine are available in the Lyceum (Reading Room) on the main floor. Copying is 15¢ per page for B&W and 30¢ for color (per side). Faxes are $1 for any number of pages.

We can scan documents to an email for you at the front desk (no charge).

We have WiFi hotspots that you can check out for two weeks, for internet wherever you need it!